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standard-title Covid




All staff to maintain social distancing
New staff rota to be put in place where staff will work in teams that work separate shifts and ALWAYS remain in the same team
Staff to wear personal issue face shields
Staff W/C to be sanitised following every use
All staff to be at least a level 2 food safety certificate
At least one Covid 19 prevention trained member of staff on the premises at all times
Screens to be placed around the bar area
Staff temperature to be taken daily prior to commencing of shift
Install of sanitisers in staff areas and entrances
Instruct staff to only use the rear doors to enter and exit
Issue staff with personal issue alcohol gel
No handshaking or close contact allowed


Install automatic alcohol gel station by the entrance giving clear signage to utilise this
Reduced table sizes (no party bigger than 6)
Greater distance between tables (to be confirmed when government guidelines are finalised, currently 2 metres)
Tables sanitised after every use using 30 second contact time sanitiser
Paper towels to be used then sanitising tables
Tables not laid between use
Where possible chairs positioned so customers sit back to back from other diners
Screens to be installed on tables to add extra confidence and as additional measure
NO waiting permitted outside of WC, when WC engaged customers will be asked to wait at their tables and informed when WC is vacated
New booking form to be completed showing customers telephone number as well as time of arrival and departure as well as table number
Signage upon entering the restaurant asking customers to main social distancing
Use single use sugar, salt and pepper sachets
Customers will be asked to remain at the tables and not walk around unless when leaving or attending the WC
Clear signage warning customers not to enter if experiencing any COVID 19 symptoms
When weather permits open all frontage by folding  doors
Customers encouraged to not bring coats/jackets into restaurant  as no cloak room will be provided to limit staff contact with such items.
Contactless payments to be encouraged where possible. Gratuity to be paid by card
Single use menus to be used


All Doors and handles to be sanitised by a daily nominated person every 30 minutes
Install an additional PDQ terminal and each to be sanitised using a antibacterial wipes after every use
Only 30 second contact time sanitiser equipment to be used
All cleaning to be recorded in the daily cleaning schedule and signed by management
Disposable paper towels to be used
All light switches to be sanitised every 30 minutes
Customer toilets to have a one in one out system so no waiting in communal areas.
Customer toilets to be cleaned every 30 minutes and high touch areas such as flushes, taps and and door handles to be sanitised.


Install sanitisers by delivery entrance
All deliveries to be conducted during specific times
Contactless deliveries
Drivers to telephone when arrived at the restaurant for deliveries
All deliveries to be left in a designated delivery area
All delivery drivers names to be recorded into the daily delivery log
All delivered items to be sanitised where possible before storing
Suppliers will be asked to use the same drivers to deliver to us where possible